I found this tiny Queen of Diamonds card on the sidewalk while on an evening stroll with imagemy friend Margaret. Plastic coated, protected from rain, this Queen really inspired this blog. I mean, if a girl can find diamonds (and royalty) lying around on the streets of her neighborhood, what else is out there? Then there’s the question of what does it mean? Well, it means nothing and everything depending on what you are open to believing. If you are looking for clues to something in your life, she might mean riches and reassurance, a glint of hope or possibility. In the tarot, she is the equivalent of the the Queen of Pentacles, a woman sitting on a throne decorated with carvings of fruit trees, goats, angels, all symbols of material success and sensual pleasures. If you’re not a searcher, she might just be a playing card. But then you probably wouldn’t be reading this still.